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Please read following top three biz specs before contacting -- seriously  -- it could save us both time. Any inquiries showing one didn't take moment to read following will be ignored.

  • I deal ONLY in whole, nature-shaped, greyish-white pumice, minimum size one-inch (3 cm.) to 6-7 inch (15-18 cm.) maximum size -- exactly as found in nature. No crushed, gravel-sized, powdered, molded or shaped stones - nada, zip, zilch - nor info on who supplies such beyond Hess Pumice for straight stone
  • As one-person, home-based micro-biz and boutique wholesaler of artisan pumice, I don't offer pallet loads or send shipping containers to Beyonditstan 
  •  Select grade sold by the each, shop-grade seconds & smallest/largest select-grade only by pound. None sold by volume 

Here's more quick info about stone offerings and outfit:

  • Stones float only briefly. Thicker micro-cavity walls offer heavier-duty abrasive action, but they're not your feather-light "balsa wood" pumice 
  • If seeking full-cost quotes, please specify size and grade (select or seconds/shop) interested in from price list, preferably by email
  • Mentioning intended application might help finding most suitable stones, as surface fineness, densities & shapes vary
  • Not seeking distributorships or freight lines or website designers telling me how bad site is (some people like it) 
  • Online order page has limited selections. If you don't find quantity/size combo interested in, call or email after checking price list, which gives all stones, grades, and other options, and can create custom order by email or phone 
  • If needing sample stone to help decide if stone right stone for you, easiest to simply buy retail from listed retailers.  Can't afford to send free samples.

Okay, if you've read top three business limits (go back if you haven't... seriously) and still interested,  number is five-three-zero, nine-three-eight one one zero four. Beware: cold calls dealt with coldly; why bother?
9-12 noon Pacific time (3 hrs. behind east coast) best time to reach. Late sleeper; please don't call earlier. If leaving message, give call back number slowly. I'm lysdexic. Three times spoken fast doesn't get it.

Read three biz limitations at top? Go back if you haven't. Again, won't even respond to emails that reflect one hasn't.

I know, must sound like control-freak grouch, but over years have been flooded by queries showing people can't bother spending ten seconds to learn what I do and don't supply first, before contacting. (Something about pumice, having special properties, seems to make people's reasoning process fly out the window once finding possible elusive source.)

Emails and orders usually checked mornings only.
(Click purple italicized link.) Don't waste your time if you didn't read biz limitations at top .

Selectively high-tech here in boonies: fully solar electric and use laptop, but have no smartphone, checked umpteen times a day. Texting-illiterate and proud.  

Ward Pumice Company
13715 Thrush Road
Montague, CA 96064

No fax
For older readers: TV show Dragnet's Sgt. Friday walks into office supply store to buy fax machine. At counter saleswoman asks if he wants anything more and he shakes his head and says (you know it's coming),  "Just the fax, ma'am."

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