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April 4, 2014
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$30 Minimum

(Shipping Info about 10 page-down clicks)

 Cello Packaged
 Only most select pieces bagged
 1.4 - 1.9 oz
 2.3 - 1.9 oz
  3.5 - 4.5 oz
  6 ct  .6 - .7 oz ea.
  10 ct  .4 - .5 oz ea.
* To convert to grams, multiply ounces by 28.
**  Currency Converter  (will take you to another site - click Ward Pumice link on bottom/top bar to return)
 Cello-bagged available in 5 sizes
Unpackaged, sold by the each
         ~ Primary categorizing by individual weight range ~
(see  Online Purchases  page for photos of some sizes)

Weight - in ounces
 To convert to grams, multiply by 28
  Typical Length
 Greater depth & width with  ascending weight
  Price Each - U.S.
Dollars **
 .1 oz.
  1" (2-1/2 cm)
$.20 - limited
  .2 oz
    1-1/4" (3 cm)
 .20 - limited
  .3 oz
    1-1/2" (4 cm)
  .4 - .5 oz
    1-3/4 " (4-1/2 cm)
  .6 - .7 oz
    2"  (5 cm.)
  .8 - .9 oz
    2"  (5 cm)
   1.0 - 1.3 oz
    2-1/4 " (6 cm)
   1.4 - 1.9 oz
    2-1/2 " (6-1/2 cm)
   2.0 - 2.2 oz
    2-1/2"  (6-1/2 cm)   
   2.3 - 2.9 oz
    2-1/2"+ (7 cm)
 2.38 - limited
   3.0 - 3.9 oz
    3"   (8 cm)
   4.0 - 4.9 oz
    3-1/2"  (9 cm)
   5.0 - 5.9 oz
    4"  (10 cm)
   6.0 - 6.9 oz
    4 - 5"  (12-13 cm)
   7.0 - 9.9 oz
    4-1/2 - 5" (12 cm)
   10.0 - 14.9 oz
    5"+  (13 cm)
   15.0 - 20 oz
   5-1/2"  (14 cm)
   20.1 - 25 oz.
   6"  (15 cm)
   25.1 - 30 + oz
   6" - 9" (14 - 23 cm)
 8.96 - limited

 Also available: Select <1.2 oz. stones by pound
Un-weighed, unsorted, averaging .7- .8 oz. and 1-1/2" (4 cm) ea.  Sold by weight at pre-discounted price of $6./lb.   Roughly 20 ct. to pound, for average of .36  ea. Few are smaller than .4 oz. weight.


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Discounted Seconds
Over Ton of Shop-grade Seconds Pre-discounted @ $3.50/pound 

Shop/utility-grade/economy skin care seconds available in three size ranges. Some will have chips, larger craters, mineral discoloration, and/or be of less aesthetic shape. Shipping special on medium and large.
                                  Small range shown - note golf ball  right for size comparison

Small  are roughly 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 inches longest dimension
Medium  are roughly 2-1/4 to 3 inches longest dimension
Large  are roughly 3 to 4 inches longest dimension
Limited number X-Large stones 5 to 7 inches long also available

Online Purchase Selections:
#038 - 8-pound box of small pumice - $28. + 12.35 shipping (about 120 ct.)
#039 - 13.5-pound box of small pumice - 47.25 + 17.45 shipping (c. 190 ct.)
#040 - 11-pound box of medium pumice -  38.50 + 10. shipping (60-80 ct.)
#041 - 10-pound box of large pumice - 35. + 10. shipping (about 40-50 ct.)

Inquire if interested in larger volumes or different selection than online offerings. If order is more than fits in single large flat-rate USPS box, will send either multiple flat-rate boxes, USPS standard post (formerly parcel post),or by Fed Ex air with your account number. (Sorry, no UPS.)

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Ordering Internationally: Select from items  # 21-27 or #37 only  and purchase with credit card thru PayPal (no account necessary). Accepts U.S., Canadian or Australian dollars, yen, euros and pounds. Amount shown is total - no shipping added at checkout (these items only).
Option: email/phone for quote and emailed invoice on desired order  including shipping, receive PayPal invoice by email and pay by credit card or PayPal account. I'll be instantly notified of your order with full mailing address you supply.
Note: Worthy but bare-bones PayPal shopping cart not programmable for specifying domestic or non-domestic shipping cost, so separate listings given. Also, in event of domestic multiple-item ordering generating outrageous shipping on items that can be consolidated, don't panic - overage promptly PayPal-ed back on processing, as I always try to ship at cost.
Wholesale Terms & Info
(not applicable to  online purchases or pre-discounted by-the-pound Select  grade and Shop grade)

  • 10% on orders $60 or more
  • 15% on orders $120 or more
  • 20% on orders $250 or more
  • extra 3% to food co-ops, any size order
  $30 minimum

  Payment Options:
  • Business check
  • Net-30 account for verifiable, well-established concerns
  • PayPal  - no account needed when using credit card. Find button to decline and bypass PayPal's offer to open account with you (unless you want to - an involved process)No E-checks
  • For international orders see online selections #21-27 + #37. Or build order by email/phone, receive quote including shipping, and pay through PayPal's money-transfer site -- automatic online currency conversion of Canadian & Australian dollars, pounds, euros or yen with US dollars at day's current exchange rate

  • Order however many, in whatever mix, above $30 minimum  - no case or bag increments to wrestle with. (Just not online, as rudimentary shopping cart system can't quantify beyond multiplying given quantities. Call or email order if this is the case, or order multiples of listed item(s) and I'll PayPal back anything over actual shipping cost.) 
  • If ordering large quantities, or packaged pumice assembled fresh w/ each order,, allow extra lead time
  • For special orders requiring seeking certain shapes and dimensions, nominal fee added based on time spent

Marketing Suggestions
  • Add real pumice stone to natural foot care/body care gift baskets - loose with instruction slip, in own bag, or order ready-packaged 
  • Offer to shoppers in bulk for lower cost all around
  • On displaying bulk: Stones, eager to work, can shed like dogs as moved about, generating grit and powder, and require bowl, tray or lined basket to contain detritus
  • Tip: for easiest store price-tracking of bulk stones, keep to readily distinguishable bulk sizes, as, for example, .6-.9 oz., 2.-2.2 oz and 3.-3.9 oz. Price stickers won't always stay on stone -- like humans, they resist being labeled. or...
  • Sell by weight after doing math for finding cost average, enabling stocking many sizes in same display bin
  • Posting shelf or display sign price recommended, as price labels won't always stay stuck on organza bags either with handling
  • Unsolicited Advice Dept.: Intent - how much focus and mindful energy put into display and placement - can make or break sales. Place bulk stones in nice natural container like woven basket at easy reach height - especially in impulse-zone near counter with appealing sign (included is small sheet that can be colored and laminated, or generate own; larger orders include 4-1/2 X 51/4 inch laminated display sign). Appreciating stones' special energy and nature as supreme artist rather than just  another manufactured product or  "just a rock" will always generate faster sales
  • Presented nicely, stones - rock stars to those in the know and  intuitive fast learners - sell themselves! Remember, though, nothing stalls sales like a few forlorn stones left moping in near-empty container; keep display topped off for bountiful cornucopia appearance.
  • ...If you're retailing stones online:  because it's nearly impossible to gauge actual size by photo alone, at least describe average size, or compare to common item (like walnut, coin, golf ball or ruler), if not actually put such in picture for easy size comparison, thus helping buyer make informed purchase.


Domestic Shipping for Online Purchases
(specific item cost specified in online listings):
  • Most orders sent, at cost via USPS flat-rate priority @ $12.35 (medium box) & $17.45 (large box)  Typical 1-3 work day delivery nationwide. 

  • Shipping cost, specified in online listing, is added at checkout

  • In making multiple selections:  If cart checkout insists on adding shipping amounts together for stones that might all fit in one box, don't panic. On processing, I PayPal back any overage beyond actual shipping cost. (To avoid this petty annoyance, call or email custom such orders in)

  •  Capacity of medium and large flat-rate boxes by stone size: .6-.7 oz.: 160 count/250 count; .8-.9 oz.:120/180; 1-1.3 oz.: 100/150; 1.4-1.9 oz.: 75/125; 2-2.2 oz.: 50/85; 2.3-2.9 oz.:. 35/60; 3-3.9 oz.: 30/50; 4-4.9 oz.: 23/34; 5-5.9 oz.: 18/28; 6-6.9 oz.: 14/23; 7-9.9 oz.: 12/21; 10-14.9 oz.:10/15

  • Orders over $100. sent insured. Since it's for mutual peace of mind, nominal cost is split 50-50. Orders $50. and under now insured under USPS priority shipping.
Domestic Shipping
for Phone, eMail & Mail Orders:

  • Pay only actual shipping cost

  • Small to medium orders go flat-rate USPS Priority (1-3 days nationwide typical) at $12.35 for medium flat-rate box and $17.45 for large flat-rate box; Larger orders go either by multiple flat rate  boxes standard post (2-8 work days typical) (No longer much price difference). Priority flat-rate limit guideline: Medium flat-rate box holds up to, as example, 25 ct. 3.0-3.9 oz. stones, for $12.35 shipping. Large flat-rate box will hold up to 50 ct. of same for $16.85 shipping.  Figure about 6-8 lbs. of any size(s) bulk stone for medium flat-rate box, 11-12 lbs. for large flat-rate box

  • For rush orders, FedEx (Air only) available by supplying your account number  As I live rustic place 30 miles from FedEx shipping agent, will only process and ship same day with orders of $250. or more, called in before 10 a.m., pacific time. (This is motivation threshold to break away from rustic tranquility) 

  • For larger orders, suggest getting email or phone quote. Supply product of interest, your zip code and preferred shipping service, if any (choices: USPS priority or standard post (formerly parcel post), or FedEx air; sorry, no UPS. Standard post rates have gone up so much lately, flat-rate priority is often just as cheap and far easier to determine cost

International Orders & Shipping
             6-10 work-day delivery typical

 Please note: only online offerings  #-21 - 27  & #37 - labeled 'International' - can be ordered online for outside U.S. Amount listed is full cost in U.S. dollars, shipping included - nothing added at check-out

  • Email tentative interest and will gladly post new online listing for easiest ordering and delivery, or...

  • ...custom-build order via email/phone (keeping in mind time difference and space limits of flat-rate boxes - see below),  receive PayPal order invoice by email specifying total cost for desired selections. Then...

  • Send payment online via credit card (no PayPal account needed) in Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, yen, euros or pounds. Order confirmation instantly sent by PayPal and another from me as soon as order processed, along with estimated shipping and arrival date.

  • Make sure account is verified if you have account with PayPal. (Not necessary if using own credit card. Look for button to decline offer and bypass offer to open time-consuming and, for some, too cozy an account, becoming tied to your bank account, and enter credit card info as usual
 International Shipping Costs

  • USPS Priority Mail International, medium flat-rate box for USD $42.25 actual shipping cost. (Sized 11 x 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches) holds up to six pounds bulk stone (varies with pumice size - see above for how many of given size fill flat rate boxes) . Large flat-rate box (12 x 12 x 5-1/2 inches) holds about 12 pounds of stone maximum for USD $55.75 actual shipping cost  USPS flat rates increased January 2013. (Possible savings tip for Canadian orders: If living close to U.S. border town, have stones sent to shipping center, or General Delivery to U.S. post office; even with customs and gas, net savings might make it worthwhile, esp. if multitasking/visiting while there.)

  • All Other Countries*: Medium flat-rate USPS Priority Mail box (see above for size/stone capacities) is USD $61.75 shipping. Large box is USD $80.50. (These are actual costs to me - nothing added; USPS postal rates went up 1-26-14.)  Registration, if available, extra. Typical 6-10 workday delivery. (No doubt too pricey for many to consider, but doable if cost can be viably absorbed in retail pricing or other use worth shipping)

  • PayPal's online payment system allows fast, secure international transactions with Visa, MasterCard and Discover. (I never see account information.)  System excels in enabling instant US currency conversion of Canadian and Australian dollars, pounds, yen, and euros - all at day's exchange rate. PayPal factors in 2.5% currency exchange fee. I absorb the 3.9% international transaction fee

  • Any possible international over or under payment promptly corrected via PayPal transfer

*All Other Countries. Shipping rates to following countries (pre-paid via PayPal in dollars US, Australian or Canadian; yen, euros, or pounds):
Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Republic of Korea, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Cambodia, Fiji Islands, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Botswana, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, S. Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, United Arab Emigrates, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda,Brazil,, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Trinidad, Tobago, Uruguay & Venezuela.
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Return Policy
You must be satisfied.    If for any reason you're not, return for full refund, less shipping costs, within 15 days. Product must be unused and in re-sellable condition if packaged. I'll pay full return shipping if incorrect order sent or product arrives in unusable condition. I'll also pay shipping if order lost in mail and send free replacement. (Extremely rare - twice in hundreds. of orders) Please call or email first.

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 yet more particulars...
(will they never cease?)

  •  Most popular bulk sizes for skin care: 1.0-1.3 oz through  3-3.9 oz. Some users like heftier sizes with easy grip and larger work surface area (4-4.9 oz and 5-5.9 oz); others find smaller stones better suited for smaller and/or less muscular hands and for working toes. (as small as .6-.7 oz.) Some retailers like large stones to strike luxury bath item note, while others go small for economy to them and customers and higher volume sales

  • Smaller bulk pumice ( i.e. .4-.5 oz @ .25 ea. & .6-.7 @ .35 ea.) make great counter impulse purchases or thoughtful spa/mineral springs/foot specialist giveaways. Also chinchilla chew toys

  •  6- and 10-packs of smaller stones work well for travel/purse/toiletry bag/backpack  - use a few times and return to nature. Keep some and give rest as gifts. Kids have fun with them, too, with contests to see whose stone floats longest or sinks soonest, or adding new specimens to budding rock collections

  • Packaged Mt. Shasta pumice come in biodegradable cellophane bags w/ gift grade recycled-paper label, with room for your UPC sticker/price label.  Happiest perched in nesting container or on hanger/hanger strip (request hanger tabs for latter display)

  • Super-adherent transparent plastic stick-on rack hangers supplied free on cello packaged stones - ready to hang. Specify when ordering.

  • Other bulk select sizes of Mt. Shasta pumice available from tiniest  .1 oz (averaging 3/4 - 1 inch, or 4 - 5 cm.), good for facial care, pet gnawing toys and whatnot, to floating behemoths of 3-4 pounds each (up to 9 inch, or 23 cm.), befitting a giant mountain - good for window/shelf display, de-gunking industrial sanding belts, medicine rocks, geologic specimens or ?  Limited quantities of largest and smallest sizes 

  • Weigh method disclaimer:  in sorting stones into categories, digital postage scale is used, factory-calibrated to read next highest tenth of ounce once over any threshold increment. A stone actually weighing between .31  and .39 ounce will thus read .4 ounce, for instance, and be categorized as such - conforming (rather needlessly) to postal weight regulations. This serves as accurate enough measure for most concerns and is taken into account in pricing

  •  As mentioned, stones categorized by weight range, with average length given. Two stones of same length can vary greatly in volume due to differing depths and widths. Weight gives most accurate measure of stone's overall mass

Note: At risk of stating obvious, golf ball, tennis ball, softball and foot rule, shown in various online-purchase photos are for scale only and don't come with order!

Tips for Safe Loofa Skin Care Use
Stone's extra abrasiveness requires more care using beyond working feet for general loofa skin exfoliation. The key: fully soak, lather, rinse and damp- dry skin. Soak stone, find smoothest stone face and gently stroke in one direction only - thus minimizing healthy-skin irritation - and rinse often. Never use on inflamed skin like deep heal cracks or blisters; will only aggravate. Diabetics should avoid use. Instructions for safe use on label in packaged form, and hand-out sheets supplied with bulk 1 oz. and larger stones.

 items #1-10, 17-20 & 28-29 & 39 - domestic bulk & cello-bagged
items #21-27 & 037 - international bulk & cello-bagged
items #038 - 041 - bulk seconds, domestic only
item #42 -  39 lbs. bulk seconds  - shipped with your Fed Ex account