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Genuine Natural Pumice Stone
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In these extraordinary times, home-based rural business blessed with has carried on mostly unaffected, but for other reasons, have reluctantly decided to wind down operation (see page bottom) 

Mount Shasta is sole stone source of Ward Pumice. Long thought to have last erupted in 1786, recent carbon dating puts it much further back, to about 1250 A.D.  Majestic mountain crowns central top of California in US Pacific northwest

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  • Heavy-duty abrasion
  • As nature created - each stone unique
  • For bath, kitchen, shop...
  • Durable ~ stones can last years
  • 19 bulk select-grade sizes; 4 packaged; 4 shop-grade ranges
  • low $30 wholesale minimum
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Versatile Stones
The outstanding abrasive properties of natural volcanic pumice have been recorded since ancient Roman times. No doubt stones were used even earlier by rock-savvy cavemen.
Versatile tool of nature, pumice is handy for multitude of uses. 
                                   Happy Feet

Ward's sustainably harvested pumice is kept exactly the way nature made it. It's true grit, that venerable scrubbing stone whose abrasive properties pumice-adulterating companies can only aspire to. Why not upgrade your organic body care line and offer discerning, nature-loving customers the real thing?

Super Durable
Body care users of reformed pumice often complain of scrubbing arm going numb working calluses and of product soon disintegrating in water. Not so these puppies; they're heavy-duty. They sacrifice themselves slowly. Well cared-for stones can last years.

"... I couldn't be more pleased! I ordered the 11 lb of medium shop grade stones. The web page estimated 60-80 stones, and I got 100 stones.   - Chelsea Cox, Las Vegas, NV
Born of Fire 
These pumice were rounded not by any efforts of man, but aerodynamically by nature after eruption. Formerly under enormous pressure, trapped gases in frothy molten lava globules flung miles high made bubbly escape, creating new-born foamy stones, fast-drying into rounded form by time they hit earth -- or almost dry, often flattening into eggs or oval bars, or, very rare, pancakes. Stream action might further shape some.

People are amazed by their roundedness, assuming stones must be worked by man. Not so; nature's the sole sculptor of this volcanic popcorn.

As bonus, every working stone doubles as centuries-old specimen of California's majestic Mount Shasta, officially designated sister mountain to Japan's Mount Fuji and noted world over for its majesty and believed powerful metaphysical properties. I once said stones were effectively fiery souvenirs of United States' first fireworks celebration, mountain's last eruption long thought to be in 1786, around time of nation's birth, but volcanologists through carbon dating now think it's been over 750 years since it blew its top.

"The pumice arrived today. It is beyond perfect! Thank you so much for terrific service!" -- Brian Johnson, Fishers, IN

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Green awareness is soaring as we fitfully awaken to planet's interconnectedness within intricate ecological balance. For growing numbers of organic body care product providers -- and others wanting genuine pumice stones for chosen applications -- Ward's Mount Shasta pumice might prove a perfect fit.
January 2021 report
Winding down business  
Working with nature's a trip,

With countless acres of alluvial-fan deposit lands, plus miles of actual seasonal creek bed to comb, it's been a never-ending Easter egg hunt for this kid at heart to discover nature's hidden treasures over 28 years...the last decade intensively.

Been getting a better workout lately, though, having to hike much further down the depository creek bed during peak of blazing summer weather to find newest stone arrivals washed down the mountain with daily snowmelt. Two years ago, could access deposits close to parking; now must hike down-creek over a third mile and still not find many.  (I used to lug back some 70-80 pounds worth back upstream a day, leapfrogging two 20-pound bags at a time plus laden daypack.)

It's become maybe too much of a workout for declining harvests than wanted anymore for this seventy-one year-old.

If the stones were still easy to find, that'd be one thing; I could still gear up (as my biological age is more of one in their fifties). But add in how eight-mile, light-duty cinder access route has become treacherous due to huge influx of well-less, commercial, illicit pot growers buying up parcels in this rural subdivision and betting -- mostly successfully -- on law non-enforceability, their endless heavy water trucks all but destroying roadbed...add heavier, faster traffic and dust, and alas, it's made backroads run to and from now-elusive harvest fields too unsettling to continue.

Barring some miraculous change -- like black market pot price drop discouraging continued co-opting of place, plus returned heavy snowfalls, its summer melt flushing down goo-gobs of stones as mountain once did -- my little backwoods biz is definitely winding down now after 10 years intensive run following 15 years being just a hobby biz.

Still have fair stash of many sizes on hand, as have always tried keeping ahead of demand.

Hoping regular wholesale customers might be able to switch to other sizes as accustomed sizes disappear. And will maybe continue gathering on a far more limited scale, hoping to find new, popular-sized stones to keep supplying at least some of my longtime, deeply valued buyers.

The pumice come, the pumice go... 

May current pandemic times soon become history and racial injustice reckoning serve to lift up humankind sharing the ride on this little blue ball floating in space. 

- - - - -

Current stone rationing,
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If new and seeking bulk select-grade pumice least likely to run out and they suit needs, consider:
--    2.0 2-2 oz. #47
-- 2.3-2.9 oz. #03 (also popular; original standard size)
-- 4-4.9 oz (average 3-3-1/2") Reduced price - #020 online
-- 6-6.9 oz. (3-1/2-4" to 5")  - Free Shipping #028 online
-- 7-9.9 oz. (3-1/2 to 4 or 5")  #46 Shipping special
- - 10-15 oz. (5"+ select grade) #029 online  biggest available online, plenty on hand - reduced to $5./lb. (Larger size available by request)
-- Good supply of shop-grade small and medium stones yet

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