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"...flying off the shelves even before we had priced them!"
~ North Shore Soap Factory, Waialua, HI

Genuine Natural Pumice Stone
Wildcrafted for
Foot Care & More

Mount Shasta is sole stone source of Ward Pumice. Last erupting in late 1700s,  mountain crowns central top of California in Northwestern United States

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 &  #046 - 7 -9.9 oz. -- all select-grade stones
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  • Heavy-duty abrasion
  • As nature created - each stone unique
  • For bath, kitchen, shop...
  • Durable ~ stones can last years
  • 19 bulk select grade sizes, 4 packaged; many shop-grade ranges
  • low $30 wholesale minimum 
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Versatile Stones
The outstanding abrasive properties of natural volcanic pumice have been recorded since ancient Roman times. No doubt stones were used earlier by rock-savvy cavemen.
Versatile tool of nature, pumice is handy for multitude of uses.
Ward's Mt. Shasta pumice is purchased for tool cleaning, stonewashing cloth, fire starters, chinchilla gnaws, science teaching aid... Available for countless uses, they're presented here and graded with skin care foremost in mind. 
                                 Happy Feet
Using pumice is time honored way to file away foot calluses and slough off surface dead skin. Stones can smooth down gnarliest alligator skin over time, restoring supple softness.

True Grit
Did you know over 99% of stores' so-called natural pumice is adulterated? Not carved to shape, mind you, but crushed to granule and powder, then "glued" back together and injected into molds? Few do. In corporations' quest for product uniformity and large steady supply, pristine stone's original abrasive quality and durability is greatly compromised. Resulting product is saddled with huge carbon footprint and user's simple yet profound elemental earth connection is lost.

  "Our customers love your pumice! They're sending their friends in, they're telling their's pumice fever!"
- Joanne and the Paisley & Company staff,  Kutztown, PA

Ward's sustainably harvested pumice is kept exactly the way nature made it. It's true grit, venerable scrubbing stone whose abrasive properties pumice-adulterating companies can only aspire to. Why not upgrade your organic body care line and offer discerning nature-loving customers the real thing?
Super Durable
Every volcano spews unique ejecta. The myriad mini-cavities of Mt. Shasta's solid-foam pumice - last eruption believed late 1700s - have thicker micro-cavity cutting-edge walls, making them sharper, heavier, more durable (and less buoyant) than lighter balsa-wood-heft cousins.
"I love them - they are such raw pieces of Earth. There is something very primal and natural about them and so refreshingly simple and unmanufactured. They will go great with my product line."
       -- Mountain Girl Soap & Sundries, Oak Run, CA

Body care users of reformed pumice often complain of scrubbing arm going numb working calluses and product disintegrating in water. Not so with these puppies; they're heavy-duty. They sacrifice themselves slowly. Well cared-for stones can last years.
  Eco Friendly
Stones are surface gathered, hand-picked on foot in summer as snow melt washes them down wild mountain creek near home.

98% of Ward Pumice bought in bulk. Some retailers make own packaging, others offer bulk stones in skin-care baskets or other display container along with hand-out instructions supplied in PDF file, passing on savings and keeping stones affordable and faster to ship. (That said, packaged option shown below.)

More than earth friendly, these stones are the earth! An absurdly low-tech business, Ward Pumice Company is one-person wholesale backwoods operation: gather, rinse, grade and sort. That's it. No belching bulldozers, energy-guzzling rock crushers or roaring furnaces; no added epoxy resins and chemical frothing agents; no frantic assembly lines. Twenty-five years at it makes for sharp eye in field, assuring finding best stones mountain has to offer.

"... I couldn't be more pleased! I ordered the 11 lb of medium shop grade stones. The web page estimated 60-80 stones, and I got 100 stones.
                        - Rebecca Kenny, Red Horse Trading Post, Jacksonville, AL

"Everyone loves them...thank you for doing such an awesome thing to make these available to others!"
          - Chelsea Cox, Las Vegas, NV
"Great product. 100% better than Dr. Scholl's pumice stone." - early eBay shopper (no longer offered there)
Born of Fire 
& Air (and Earth & Water)
These pumice rounded not by any efforts of man but aerodynamically by nature on eruption. Formerly under enormous pressure, trapped gases in frothy molten lava globules flung miles high make bubbly escape, creating new-born foamy stones by fast-drying into rounded form by time they hit earth -- or almost dry, often flattening into eggs or oval bars or, rare, pancakes. Stream action can further shape. People are amazed by roundedness, assuming must be worked by man. Not so; nature's sole sculptor of this volcanic popcorn.

As bonus, every working stone doubles as centuries-old specimen of California's majestic Mount Shasta, officially designated sister mountain to Japan's Mount Fuji and noted world over for its majesty and believed metaphysical properties. Stones might effectively be actual fiery souvenirs of United States' first fireworks celebration, mountain's last eruption thought late 1700s, around time of nation's birth.

 Packaged Option - 4 sizes
For those wanting stones prepackaged, cello-packaged option is offered.  Label back gives history, use, and care instructions. Label is recycled paper, bag  biodegradable cellophane.
< Front of paper label

"Thanks again for an awesome product, wonderful deal, and personable service."
         - Amie Vollmer, chinchilla rescuer, Virginia Beach, VA

"The stones look better, work better, feel better in the hand than our former supplier's. The size is great. A nice add-on to our natural body-care basket offering."
          - LATHER Inc., Pasadena, CA

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  • Net-10 accounts to verifiably well-established concerns if preferred; net-30 for larger orders
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  • Utility/shop grade seconds in 5 size categories pre-discounted at $3.50/lb.
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  • 5 international online selections - items #23-27
  • California buyers not re-selling stones pay 7.5% sales tax when ordering by phone and email; tax absorbed by me if ordered online

Items  # 1 - 10,  17 - 20 &  28-9, 45-47 are domestic selections, bulk & packaged (#5-7)
Items  # 23, 25, & 26 are  International bulk orders
Items  #38 - 41 are Shop grade stones,  3 sizes

Only sampling of available stones listed on price page are orderable online.  Also, bare-bones shopping cart doesn't allow quantifying beyond those noted or permit specifying domestic or international order.  If what's wanted isn't listed online and/or in desired quantity, please call or email query; once order made, will send custom PayPal invoice for easy online payment.

Green awareness is soaring as we awaken to planet's interconnectedness. For growing numbers of organic body care product providers -- and others wanting genuine pumice stones for chosen applications -- Ward's Mount Shasta pumice might well prove a perfect fit.
October 2018 Report:
Inventory & rationing  

First welcome rain of season and weather cooling.  Seasonal snow-melt creek, sole pumice source, all but done for year.  

Relatively plentiful precipitation last winter, so prior rationing, result of California drought, relaxed. With part-time creek washing pumice down to valley's alluvial plain near home, less snow pack last 5 years meant less melt washing stones down in hot summers.

Switching to more leisurely efforts now, mostly sorting out select-grade stones, now and then trekking out on dwindling fair days in search of missed pumice deposits. Over four square miles of alluvial-fan deposit lands to comb means never finding them all -- it's never-ending Easter egg hunt.

Mop-up process begins again as warm Spring days return, and by early July harvesting start in earnest, often with serious snow melt creating raging creek, flushing down new daily crop -- sometimes after melting ice dam high on mountain finally gives way and giant deposits sent roaring down amid sea of silt and rubble. (Working with nature's a trip.)

Stone rationing currently in effect:
.4-.5 oz. stones - current buyers only
.6-.7 oz stones -- 150 ct. per 90 days to all
2-2.2 oz. stones --  80 ct./mo. (item # 047)
2.3-2.9 oz stones -- 60 ct./mo. (# 003)
3-3.9 oz. stones -- current buyers, 50 ct./mo (# 010); new buyers, 30 ct./mo. (# 004)
Other size categories unrationed, if in stock. Check price page for current inventory on different sizes.

If new and seeking select-grade pumice least likely to run out or be rationed, and they suit needs, consider:
-- 1.4-1.9 oz. size (2-1/2" average size) #009 online
-- 1-1.3 oz (2-1/4" average size) - shipping special #024 (175 ct)
and smaller, down to ..8-.9 oz. range; and larger:
-- 4-4.9 oz (average 3-3-1/2") New reduced price - #020 online
-- Overstock special on medium shop-grade pumice (#40 online): $5 shipping (limit 3) 
-- 5-5.9 oz. (3-1/2-4") - Reduced Price + Shipping Special - #021 online
-- 6-6.9 oz. (3-1/2-4" to 5"  - Free Shipping #028 online
7-9.9 oz. (4-1/2"-5") - Select-grade Larger Stones  Free Shipping #046 online
- - 10-15 oz. (5"+ select grade) #029 online  biggest available online, plenty on hand - reduced to $5./lb.

Seconds/shop-grade supply good for all sizes. Storage trailer's jammed to gills with small and medium especially. Exception: behemoths (over 20 oz., 6-8") for which not much demand and really weigh down field bag fast besides, eating cargo space, plus scarce to begin with.

Besides annual summer harvest dependent on snow and glacial melt, also factor: continuing ability of still-agile but slowing-down 68-year-old to get out in hot weather, ferret out sometimes elusive stones and hike them out. Love nature adventure and workout, often keeping me feeling like 50-something -- unless overdo, in which case next day might feel more like 80-something.

Stray note: don't think rationed sizes only ones worth buying. Storage bursting with various-sized stones, of both grades, some having accumulated in over 15 years of annual harvests. Many sizes now moving fast and sometimes rationed once went begging. Retailers just lock into certain size stone and keep re-ordering until reserves might get low. See Prices page for more particulars on stone sizes and availability.


"Just arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much. We will definitely be purchasing from you." 
     ~ 8 Raindrops (natural body care), Brisbane,Australia
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